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On February 2, 2020 the Open Australia final was played between Dominic Thiem and Novack Jocovich

Abuso de Poder, alarmante., Tenis

Sunday February 2, 2020 was the final of the Australian Open between Dominic Thiem and Novak Jocovich. I was more than sure that this trophy was for THIEM, because 2 days before I had won against Nadal and the final was with this Mr. Jocovich. The game started at 9:30 am and as I suppose it is logical that they were nervous.

The score was this: Final · Rod Laver Arena Finished



Sun., Feb. 2


Dominic Thiem

4- 6- 6- 3- -4

6- 4- 2- 6- 6


Novak Đoković

What I could tell from the game is that Jocovich got his first set with 6 – 4 so far so good, Thiem calmed down making a good game and then THIEM made his first set 6 – 4, to do immediately –

his second set 6-2 when Jocovich saw such a thing since the first set of

THIEM the chair judge was disgusted with Jocovich for taking it out and Jocovich instead of making it right made fun of him and took his shoes when he went to rest and congratulated him. In addition he was upset, nervous sweaty, he spoke only sent a few games to THIEM so that he lost but many times he was losing and we reached the fourth set that THIEM was already in 3 and Jocovich in 0, then suddenly I see that Jocovich is speaking with 3 big fish of the organization and with a lady dressed in black with a suit and a large black briefcase. The line judge turned to look at THIEM and told him to wait and THIEM, calmly I wait for everything Jococvich took. Joccovich was seen talking to these gentlemen and Mrs. is not known what he said in any case as I say I was in a VERY ALTERED STATE, Ms. offered him something that he would take out of the briefcase, but he said that No and I talk to the gentlemen and they went to the bathroom.

And when Jocovich stopped the game for a while, he left the bathroom and began to play, it seems that he was someone else, he no longer played with the chair judge, he was calm, he did not sweat and that if THIEM played a lot of game who He defended like a lion but (THE TRUTH I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BATH FOR JOCOVICH TO HAVE CHANGED IN ATTITUDE AND BE MORE SERENOUS AND PLAYING BETTER, total that as I say in the 4th set set 3 of THIEM and 0 of Jocovich and this began matching and 0 went on to set 6 making the second 6 leaving THIEM in set 3.


Then they started another set and THIEM started playing harder and reached set 4 and Jocovich reached it very fast. My eyes couldn’t believe what I saw and I was very strong for THIEM to win because that match and that TROPHY belonged to him. made the 3 set of 6 and OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHH


he won, I think that Thiem was a bit amazed but since he is a boy who is very young he had to endure the downpour of such a TONGO because I imagine that Jocovich the man and the woman who approached him would say he could not lose, that THIEM was just beginning and such a figure Jocovich as he was going to lose to that boy. And I hug Thiem very decent that boy so polite.

I congratulate him and resigned himself with receiving the tray while the other took his cup. And how sad that this is happening in the TENNIS too. I did not even want to see the awards turned off the TV dead of anger and seeing the corruption that is everywhere. So sorry, THIEM boy, you are a great player, you have won the best that should already retire and give way to young people, but ambition breaks the bag. And for me in my heart that trophy was lifted by you in that game, because that game was yours. Greetings and for next occasions ask SO THAT THEY GO TO THE BATHROOM AND IF YOU SEE SOMETHING RARE DENUNCIATION, BECAUSE I BELIEVE YOU DID SOMETHING SOMETHING RARE. IF YOU CHANGE THE WAY OF BEHAVIOR OF AGGRESSIVE GO TO QUIET, THEY PLAY AT MORE SPEED, IF YOU DO NOT SWING AND A GREAT ETC ….. Goodbye and good luck for the next tournaments and you already know your eyes wide open. And this goes for all young players who open their eyes when they play, you can no longer trust anything or anyone.

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